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Covid Guidelines Thai Odyssey

Posted by : Simran Kaur on | Nov 20,2020

Safety and sanitation in our business are essential for health, from preventing infection and
improving employees and guest’s overall well-being.

The recommendations below are in addition to existing cleaning and sanitation guidelines of Thai Odyssey already in place.

•The use of personal masks is mandatory for our Spa employees should this feel necessary in keeping with local authority recommendations. If a therapist chooses to wear a mask during a treatment the guest must be advised during the consultation.

•Disposable masks are available at the Spa upon guest request. We have been following local laws and regulations relating to personal protective equipment.

•Recommending all guests to shower pre & post treatments.

•Based on region, we have eliminated handshake introduction and replaced with a right hand to heart gesture or Thai greeting palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion.

•Created a welcome ritual by offering a warm and moist hand towels which also contains hand sanitizer.

•Ensuring treatments have 30 minutes in between each service to allow for treatment room cleaning and sanitation. We are wiping down counters, bottles, cabbies, jewellery box, head rests and treatment tables.

•Removing from treatment rooms: bed skirts, duvets, pillows, runners, table warmers and mattress pads. All linen in the treatment bed is used and washed after each treatment.

• As a recommendation, we have instructed all employees to keep a spare clean uniform at work,  so they can change during their shift if they feel it is required. Disposable aprons or gowns are being acceptable as long as they are in keeping with 5-star presentation standards that do not   cause noise during the service. Alternatively, Thai Odyssey is taking care of cleaning and disinfecting employee uniforms by spraying a skin safe disinfectant after each treatment.

• Therapists wash their hands before and after the treatments.

• Ensuring autoclave cleaning is utilized with bags for additional measures. Ensure each autoclave bag is opened during the guest service (allow guests to see implements are in autoclave bag for added measure)

• Depending upon availability, we have been using alternate treatment rooms to avoid using the   same room and allow treatment rooms to air out.